For this YourEDM premiere, Major Lazer‘s hit “Original Don” with The Partysquad got reworked into an anything but ordinary 100bpm gem. Choppa Dunks, Prince Fox and Wes Sanders must have had bass in mind because the thick sawtooth line heads the minimal composition that also features a little dembow action and of course some recycled vocal samples from the original. The cool thing is you can hear a little of everybody in this and if you can’t tell I suggest going through each of their Soundclouds to get familiar. Also, listen to the whole remix, because another thing you will want to be familiar with is the second drop. Oh my.
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Choppa Dunks and Prince Fox will be performing with Thewz and headliner The Big Deal on February 5th at Drom. If you want to go to the New York show then you can either purchase tickets online or at the door. Tickets are $12.
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