According to Trolley Snatcha, Armageddon is in mid-tempo.

Zack Kemp’s vision of the apocalypse is probably the catchiest and most fittingly aggressive tunes to accompany the theme of everyone on Earth dying a horrible, fiery death at once. End Of The Earth, crazy re-sampled, vaguely keta-steppy growlers drive bass lines that sound a bit like Norwegian Electronic Black Thrash Metal (I just made that up, but you get the point) – it’s aggro.

Glitch and Mid-tempo as of late has been a platform that has been awesomely utilized by a lot of Dubstep artists, with some particularly awesome results from the UK crowd; such as Bar 9, and as you can see here, our boy Trolley Snatcha. The Mid-tempo format adds another dimension of rhythm and swing to the sound design and space use of the traditionally bass guys. 

Seriously though, check this tune out it’s got a serious kick to it and will definitely get you moving. Also – that snare though…

Trolley Snatcha – End Of The Earth