In a recent interview with, Steve Angello has spoken out against what he sees as generic dance music:

“The demand for electronic music is still there but the artists need to step up their game and try different things. It all sounds the same. That is what is eventually going to kill the scene, because people are not going to be able to tell who has done what.”

Regardless of how he and the Swedish House Mafia made an indelible and concrete mark on popular music, he believes that although many artists ‘sound the same’, there are an unfortunate small number of musicians who are unique:

“…If you listen to Swedish House Mafia songs they all sound different…Today you can’t even tell which artist is on which track, they all sound the same… Chic had their own sound, Stevie Wonder had their own sound, Michael Jackson had his own sound. That’s what is missing today.”

So how is he gonna remedy the situation? By working on a debut album. You can expect it within the first half of this year and if you’re looking for Swedish House Mafia Pt.2, you will be sorely disappointed. He plans to go back to his Swedish roots; he’ll produce something dark with plenty of moody melodies. He also plans to emulate his favourite bands like Pink Floyd, by experimenting with the synthesiser to help produce melancholic soundscapes.

So definitely nothing like Don’t You Worry Child.

Hopefully, this album should be as good as it sounds, for the Swedish DJ is spending all of his time and money upon the project. He is pursuing all possible options, ensuring he can be as creative as possible; this new album could be yet another blue print for others to follow.