One of the core Trance predictions for 2014 was that Progressive Trance was going to take a back seat to the new ‘Trance 2.0’ style of Progressive House/Trance that Anjunabeats adopted as their main sound. Careers of artists such as Myon & Shane54, Audien and Maor Levi were getting more recognition than ever before and many began to see fewer and fewer love for Progressive Trance. However, it turns out that this notion is completely wrong, because the month of January alone has seen some of the best Progressive Trance productions in months. With strong artists such as Terry da Libra, David Broaders, Daniel Garrick, Johan Vilborg and Toby Hedges proudly representing it, the future looks extremely promising for their brand of deeply emotional music. Now, we can safely add another young star into that group with the rapidly growing talent of Monoverse. A local favorite of the Northeast, he has steadily been honing his craft to industry standards for the past few years with releases on Infrasonic Recordings and Alter Ego. Within the last couple of months though, it seems that his production skills have skyrocketed to a much higher level of quality, (which definitely caught our attention). He now is ready to tackle 2014 with renewed vigor with the release of his new single, 46. Its calm, yet restorative energies fully champion the elite qualities of this wonderful genre.



46 eagerly starts out with throwback Progressive vibes, as its glitchy, erratic bassline gently caresses our ears with an abundance of various textures. But any sense of disinterest is quickly swept away when he introduces spellbinding piano and airy pads into the mix, as its subtle, yet present ostinatos extends the track’s depth towards a whole new level of quality. They add an unusual dimension of immersion to the listener, as a real sense of intimacy gently envelops the soundscape in loving, supporting tones. This intimacy continues to grow until the breakdown occurs, which eliminates the bassline to allow the piano and pads to effortlessly transport the listener towards a secluded isle beach during sunrise, with the faint scent of the sea still lingering in the air. Suddenly, harmoniously euphoric chords boldly declare their melody with a pronounced presence that washes away any and all distractions. With each beat steadily building up with potential energy, Monoverse gradually opens his hands to trickle the water of pure imagination onto the listener, as rich Progressive Trance melodies wash over the body, reinvigorating it with hopeful energies towards a bright future ahead.

Monoverse‘s new single, 46, is out now on BPM Progressive, so make sure you grab this piece today. Also make sure to check out the remixes of Dennis Pedersen & The Colorinez!


Keep the music alive. -Q