With Holy Ship’s third installment over, the person behind the experience is already planning the next one. Gary Richards, or known as Destructo, spoke to Miami News Times about the new plans for his yearly edm cruise.

The shippers enjoyed their time aboard MSC Divina, saw Tiësto as this year’s surprise guest, and experienced those private beach parties in the Bahamas.

The artists got a chance to get closer with each other, which created a road for collaborations down the line (like Pharrell Williams and Major Lazer).

The main hook however, are the major plans for 2015. With Gary Richards trying to have two cruise ships (yes, you read right!) for next year, Holy Ship could be available to a wider audience. Nonetheless, the location of the second ship has not been announced. It could be in Miami, or somewhere else.

The only thing we know for sure is that Gary Richards will keep the ship as dope, as it has been these past three years.

Source: In The Mix