Unfortunately, the possibility that the beloved Tomorrowland festival will have its second weekend cut from the calendar, due to complaints from surrounding residents, is on the table. The residents petitioned against the second weekend and this is being taken to court to settle. Not only are they attempting to shorten the festival, but they are inquiring to have the first weekend toned down. I get their point of view, but turn down for what?

Tomorrowland has worked with the residents before, as well as gave them tours of the festival grounds and free tickets, but I guess some people were not satisfied. The reason this should be looked at so seriously is because this problem has happened before for other festivals, but this one in particular has a hole to climb out of. According to the prosecuting lawyer, Tomorrowland does not have the necessary permits to put on the event, which could pose serious issues. Good news though, there will not be a follow-up consultation between the parties on that issue.

Source: Exqlusive

Photo Credit: Brandnite