While popular electronic artists like Big Gigantic and Gramatik gear up for new album releases, Adapted Records recently shed light on the true “Up & Comers” of EDM with a free mixtape!

Lend your ears to this compilation by 21 of the best producers you’ve probably never heard before. Variety is the tape’s strongest suite – there’s something for everyone on many sides of the electronic spectrum. And yet, a unifying theme emerges among the track diversity: gritty, murky melodies that give wider accessibility to the label’s glitch hop foundation.

True to the construction of any compelling mix, Oxylice’s upbeat genre-bender “Haunted” leads into Prismatic’s savage “Vibrance” with unique flow. Nikita Switch touches on the minimal, dark side of dubstep with “Fear VIP,” a vibe again followed masterfully by Roger Wilco’s “Disconnect.” Wes Goodie channels smooth, KOAN Sound-ing energy in “Saucy” with the follow-up artist/track combo requiring no other description beyond its namesake (Evoke – “Electrique”).

Father Funk’s “Bass Face” rejuvenates a term most of us were ready to let go of (especially after Rusko began capitalizing on the idea), not with ear-splitting drops but sleek progression. Finally, Landscapers sends this collection of tunes off with a drum & bass bang, bursting with energy and rhythm.

It’s as if 21 DJs shared a collective vision for a moving mixtape that could only be achieved by working separately. The result likely defies their own expectations.

“Up & Comers” is a tremendous package of free music easily recommended for anyone with an electronic itch. The tone of the tape lies somewhere between beatfreak-y and sullen; bubbly and harrowing; worldly and cosmic. The folks at Adapted Records possess incredible talent in establishing theme and control, while showcasing the individual flare each artist brings to the table. EDM nomads can expect big things this year from the Australian record label, itself an up and comer in the beat industry.