Ganja White Night are one of those duos who… just make really weird tracks. Never weird in a bad way, but just extremely out of the box. And I love them for it. If I ever wanna freak out someone who’s new to EDM, I’ll throw on “Odo” and watch as they mouth the words “What the fu…”

“Weedosaurus” (as if the name weren’t enough) features some of the most syncopated rhythms of any of their tracks and it just works. These guys know how to push the boundaries out as far as they can and still say, “Hey, we made this, so… we’re good, yah?” Kong Speaks brings their own flavor, as well. The tune has got a minimal feel, yet at the same time it keeps itself extremely busy going from deep wobbles to drum breaks and heavy synths. Unique is an understatement. This tune won’t be for everyone, and that’s fine. Just listen all the way through and get it out of your system. If it stays in there like a festering disease, I implore you to check out the rest of their work. And be sure to download it for FREE HERE.