If you haven’t heard of Northern California producer Elevated Mind, consider this your introduction. And if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the sounds of West Coast Bass, then consider ‘Elliptical Fields’ your crash course. This is a tribute to that one-of-a-kind style and it couldn’t get much saucier.

Formerly known as Dubzilla, Elevated Mind has created a seamless premiere EP. From start to finish, the project drips with gooey synth patterns, sawing sub-bass, and driving drum patterns. As if that wasn’t enough, sprinkles of what can only be described as gangster sample-work round off the tracks and lend the EP a gritty feel. My personal favorite, ‘Diamonds Up’, is a perfect example of this.

Elevated Mind has made this project available as a Name-Your-Price download. This is his first all-original EP and any donation is appreciated. Have a listen and cop the full EP on his bandcamp!

Elevated Mind on Bandcamp