Earlier today on Twitter, Mat Zo made a very interesting announcement. He updated fans on his latest collaboration with fellow Anjunabeats label mate Arty which is apparently coming out nicely. This is major news to all progressive house and trance fans alike as two of electronic dance music’s titans are coming together for a third time.

Fans like myself still remember the impact Mat Zo and Arty made with their collaborations in the dance music scene. We remember the gritty and breathtaking impression their first piece “Rebound” left on fans. We remember how they switched up the bpm with their name-blending, hard-hitting “Mozart“. But what proves how much fans love their work is displayed by the outrage demonstrated when will.i.am tried to not credit both Arty and Mat Zo for sampling “Rebound” in his last album (and butchering it in the process). All of this means that I am more than excited to find out what these two little geniuses have in store for us. Let us know what you think of the new track in the comments and check out the Tweet Mat Zo sent out below.

(Photo courtesy of linuxops.org)