Krewella’s Troll Mixes have always been some of my favorite mixes out there just based on the variety alone; there’s a mix in this series for every emotion and pretty much any activity you can think from working out to making out. Well with the release of Troll Mix Vol. 9: Just The Tip just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Krew’s intentions are fairly obvious and I wouldn’t expect anything different from them. The latest mix has to be one of the most diverse ones to date, lulling you into a dreamlike soundscape with some chilled-out deep house/future garage vibes before switching it up into some banging lovestep, trap, and drum and bass.

One of the highlights of the mix comes at 32:40 with an unexpected, but much appreciated appearance of “Love Song” by 311. Honestly, I had completely forgot about that track and was pleasantly surprised to find it in this mix. It’s really refreshing that Krewella isn’t afraid to throw some non-EDM tracks into their mixes when they feel the time is right; this time it definitely was. Some of my other favorite tracks featured in the mix are “Close” by Sub FocusCandyland and REVOKE’s remix of “Gold” by Adventure ClubThe M Machine’s remix of “Lucid Dreams” by Mat Zo, “Without You” by Netsky, “Lightbox” by Six Blade, and “Control” by Matrix & Futurebound (excellent choice Yazzy).


Special shoutout to Synchronice, whose incredible melodic dubstep remix of “Still Into You” by Paramore can be found at 21:10 into the mix; this is one of my favorite tracks right now for good reason so make sure you grab the FREE DOWNLOAD!