Magnus August Høiberg, better known as Cashmere Cat, is Norway’s most talented producer, without a doubt. Since the release of his debut EP Mirror Maru back in October 2012 on the Belgian Pelican Fly label. Cashmere Cat’s take on seductive R&B, futuristic hip-hop and bass music gained if not the support, the appreciation and respect of just about every electronic music artist in the game.

Last week the man himself Cashmere Cat released an EP that has blown all expectations and all definitions of genres straight out of the water. The four track collection is a true masterpiece, featuring organic sounds and instruments recorded and assembled in in an electronic manner. With tracks like “With Me” and “Wedding Bells” it becomes quite difficult not to stop in awe and appreciate electronic music done right.

One of the great things that makes Cashmere Cat’s music so difficult to place a label or genre on is that nobody else in the community is even close to where the talented producer is at. “Wedding Bells” has this Flume-esque feel to it with the horns and drums, but yet an experimental and out of world flare with flute and bells being used in the process.

“Rice Rain” again seems to use samples including water drips, a wooden spoon banging on a metal pot and some very cool vocaloid work. To take a look at the project files and even a glimpse into Cashmere Cat’s toy-shop studio would be a treat at the very least. The EP itself already has huge support from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Baauer, A-Trak, Brodinski and more.

All in all, if you’re into electronic music that stands out and is different, then this is absolutely a must listen EP, and is available now on iTunes via Lucky Me records. Simply put there isn’t a more unique EP around right now, and Cashmere Cat is without a doubt an artist to watch for more music. His music captivates so many vibes, making it appeal to such a wide and diverse audience. With his music he is able to pluck at different styles of electronic dance music, so fans of just about any sub-genre will find some aspect of the music to enjoy.