Red Bull, the makers of the popular energy drink, have never been too shy to try their hand at something new and exciting. A year and a half ago, Felix Baumgartner made history by skydiving for nearly 24 miles and breaking the sound barrier. Although not music-related it’s still bad ass. This next endeavor, however, is in fact in line with our interest and is brought to us by Red Bull’s Music Academy.

Every year, RBMA takes over a major city for an intense 5-week period wherein up-and-coming producers, DJs, artists, singers, and collaborators come together to make music and share tips and tricks. Last year, the event was held in New York, where there were 38 events in 34 venues over a 26 day span. Many legends have performed with RBMA including SkreamGiorgio MoroderNile Rodgers, and more.

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the RBMA series, Red Bull is premiering a film made about the New York City takeover in 14 different cities across the US, and in cities elsewhere all over the world. The film, titled ‘What Difference Does It Make?,’ features the events during the latest takeover, which include:

… an intimate talk with Erykah Badu at the Brooklyn Museum; a concert with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto in the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and a round robin of improvisational duets that paired Andrew WK with the likes of Bernie Worell, ?uestlove with Dutch DJ Jameszoo, Vijay Iyer with Robert Glasper, and ended with Andrew Bird whistling while playing the violin to a packed hall of people quietly attempting to hang onto every last lingering note.

The film premiers tonight and, in certain locations, will feature guest speakers after the showing. Get in contact with these theaters as soon as you can because they’re sure to fill up quickly. A day after the premiere — on February 18, 2014 — ‘What Difference Does It Make?‘ will be available to watch online for free at


‘What Difference Does It Make?’ US Theater List — All Shows 8 p.m. Local Time

Atlanta – Plaza Theatre
Austin – Alamo Draft House (with AnnaLove)
Chapel Hill – Varsity Theatre
Chicago – Lincoln Hall (with Todd Osborn, Steve Mizek)
Dallas – Texas Theatre
Detroit – Madison Theatre (with DJ Dez, John Arnold)
Houston – River Oaks Theatre
Los Angeles – Downtown Independent Theatre (with Egyptian Lover)
Miami – Blackbird Ordinary – (with Octo Octa)
Nashville – Belcourt
New Orleans – L’Entrepot
New York – Sunshine Cinema – (with Chairman Mao)
San Francisco – Victoria Theatre
Tampa – Crowbar