Kaleidoscope Music Festival made its inaugural appearance last year at Emerald Meadows in Eugene, Oregon. Like many new festivals, it faced a myriad of societal issues with the public surrounding the park area. Residents complained about the noise and traffic. KMF estimated around 7,000 attendees per day, and that number can take its toll on a smaller town venue.

In light of these complaints, OneEleven, the festival organizer, had the remaining two years of its contract canceled. Forced to look for a new location, they have settled upon the area of Mount Hood, in northern Oregon. OneEleven has not disclosed the exact location or venue yet, but says that information is coming soon.

Last year’s KMF joins other festivals in adopting a more self-exploratory theme, such as Lightning in a BottleSerenity Gathering, or Kinnection Campout. The lineup was jam-packed with huge acts such as GRiZSavoyPaper Diamond, and Nas. We’re hoping this year sees just as good a turnout and lineup.

If you were there last year, or considering going this year, take a look at the recap video from 2013.


H/T: The Register-Guard