Today we have something very special for you guys; a 72 hour Your EDM exclusive of Fabio XB and Liuck‘s music video for their new single “Back To You.” The record does not come out until Monday and you won’t here it anywhere else but here until then. Besides for simply listening to the energetic trance production, the music video gives you a visual representation that further enhances your experience.

With a solid focus on Christina Novelli‘s moving vocals, you can understand why a music video was necessary. The lyrics manifest in a myriad of images that tells an intense tale with themes of love and struggle. Despite a somewhat sullen tone, the instrumental is energetic and lively; heavy electro vibes are weaved into the musical web to make this one pop. It’s already received praise from ASOT‘s Future Favorites and DJ Mixmag, so you can get an idea we’re dealing with something exceptional.

Monday, February 24th is the date you can purchase the single on Beatport. It will also be accompanied by a remix from the Tunisian producer Wach. That date will also mark the end of this 72 hour exclusive.