Part of why dance culture is so attractive is because there is something for everyone here. Everyone’s style can be expressed in a subjective way while they also find other people who share similar tastes. Usually we talk about music, but the “fashion” of the culture is important. Whether you are costumed up with kandi galore or just trying to keep things simple and classy, we all have our own idea on how we want to portray ourselves.

One company whose starting up is aiming to bring fresh and affordable gear to the center of the scene; that company is Blu Flamingo. Started by two young entrepreneurs, Blu Flamingo already has slick merchandise out with so much more to come. Their new website is being launched today with a weekend long 10% total discount sale if you use the coupon code “Savetheflamingos”. Check their store via the link below, because you don’t want to miss out on the amazing apparel.