Masters of funk Big Gigantic just released a superstar-caliber music video for the title track of their latest album, “The Night is Young.”

In an interview for Rolling Stone, Big G co-founder Dominic Lalli said, “We got a bunch of our friends and flew down to Mexico to party and shoot a music video about letting loose, raging until the sun comes up and making the most of every little moment.”

Even that might be an understatement, though. This densely-packed montage highlights the collective dream of youth with smooth style and editing. The live shots capture the frenetic energy of the duo’s performances with luscious detail. Who knew drops of sweat could look so amazing illuminated in front of flashing lights? And, of course, the party clips are jealousy-provoking in every regard. Shots of liquor going back, waves crashing against a massive cruise ship, beautiful women dancing about to groovy beats… is this not the dream of every young rager?

Jeremy Salken’s lemon face (above) is one of the more memorable shots – check out the whole video below!