In the latest bit of news concerning record labels, Warner Music Group is teaming up with Shazam.

The music-tagging app has already become partners with many TV and film studios in order to hype up their shows and movies. This next move by the app represents the way in which people access media these days – we want information immediately and at our fingertips.

This new partnership apparently allows Warner to enter into the “big data” market and use its users to gauge interest on certain artists. The new label will serve as somewhat of a jumping point for new artists and, I assume, with enough interest will eventually make it to the Warner label.

The whole prospect is astonishing to me – one of the big music labels in the industry and the most well-known music-tagging service (sorry, Soundhound) partnering up is sure to make waves.

I’m interested to see where this partnership will lead in the future and whether it will have a positive outcome or not. No matter the result, I admire both companies experimentation. If this leads to more unknown artists being signed, it will be a huge success and others will be sure to follow.


Source: Dancing Astronaut