The young European heart-throb known as Zedd on stage and in the studio is nothing short of a musical genius. Each generation and genre of music has them. The 90’s had Nirvana in Grunge Rock, the early 2000’s had boy bands including names like the Backstreet Boys and Nsync and now to roll over into the 21st century, Zedd has the floor as one of the biggest names in Electronic music, in which we all know has taken over as the genre of our generation. Even though Zedd has recently in these past few years blown up into a pop star, within the electronic scene, it has been no cake walk for him. Playing music has been in his daily routine since he was a very young lad.

Recently video has surfaced on Zedd’s fathers Youtube channel, of all places, of young Zedd, his brother and father playing various instruments many years ago when he was just a kiddo. The first video below is of Zedd (Anton Zaslavski), his older brother Arkadi and their father Igor performing together:

This one features Zedd on the Harpsichord and his brother Arkadi on Guitar:

And finally, we have Zedd jamming out on a piano solo performing “La Fiesta” originally composed by Chick Corea!

Little nine year old Zedd sure is wicked on the keys which goes to show that you cannot wake up one morning and decide you want to be huge, so much time is put into learning to play and make music. You can somewhat look at these videos as a time lapse through the years of work Zedd has put into his music ambitions and if you think about it. It sure is cool to see such a big name star like Zedd back in his younger years before he blew up into the Electronic music sensation he is today.

-Chris Wood-