Though a few days late on this, it’s still 100% post-worthy. Now I’ll be completely honest, I don’t know about you guys, and I know with all the Afrojack fans out there this might be a tad offensive (sorry to those), but I hate the original “Ten Feet Tall,” and when I say hate, I mean loathe. But when I am sent a message asking what I think of a remix of this song, of course I want to ignore it, but given that I love to give songs the benefit of the doubt I decided, “hey, what the heck,” and clicked play (regardless of how much I was dreading it at the time). Well it turns out that this remix is out of this world. The fact that I am even promoting this should say a lot, because I would never post a song I did not feel was worth the listen. But this remix by Jordan & Jayce is unbelievable. Get ready to be smacked with melody, a ridiculous harmony, and of course, an outrageous drop. The duo most definitely got creative with this one and I think it would be in all of your best interests to at least give this a chance.