Protohype & Getter are two of the heaviest hitters in bass music, and Getter’s VIP mix of their first collaboration “The Peak” is one of his best edits yet. It’s faster, more direct and chaotic than before. The build in energy is great, but the unexpected tempo gain is executed amazingly well – sure to be a highlight moment in either of the two dubsteppers’ performances. The track is not just sped up but tailored with fresh tweaks and clearer bass along the way, almost too good to be given away as a free download.

Getterhype is an artist combo with lethal potential, comparable to the likes of Firepower labelmates Excision & Datsik, or Circus co-founders Flux Pavilion & Doctor P. Both have been producing tunes outside of the mainstream for about four years (Getter even proclaims himself the “unsung hero of underground bass culture”), but The Peak is an apt title for their recent efforts. Even Bassnectar has been smashing Protohype’s “Say My Name” in his most recent performances.

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