The robots continue to be an unpredictable duo.

Last night, while most humans were asleep, Daft Punk uploaded Random Access Memories in its entirety to YouTube.

Now every track, excluding Horizon, is on Daft Punk’s YouTube account and they are all accompanied with visuals. For tracks without a music video, there is now footage of a record spinning on its turntable while the lights of the ‘mothership’ bleep and bloop in the background. I’d hazard a guess that this was also where the ‘unboxing video’ was set.

The new videos have also been given an authentic vinyl crackle at the beginning and end of each track. When the needle pops off the record, the video ends but only after segueing to the Random Access Memories logo. However, the videos to Instant Crush, Lose Yourself to Dance and Get Lucky remain as they are.

We are unsure as to why Horizon has not been uploaded yet to DaftPunkVEVO but it is probably due to licensing laws; Horizon is a ‘Japan-only’ release.

The past is inside the present. Enjoy, the Grammy-award winning Random Access Memories: