It was rumored, discussed among fans, but never truly confirmed by the members themselves — that is, until the release of this latest clip offering a glimpse into what viewers can expect from Swedish House Mafia’s upcoming documentary “Leave the World Behind”. From this short teaser entitled “Clip 13”, Sebastian Ingrosso voices a single sentence but a revealing one at that.

“A lot of things happened this year and made me realize, we’re not best friends anymore, and that’s the truth.”

It had been suggested that a big reason ¬†for the group’s split was their personal falling out and this quote appears to be confirming just that. While we will stray from attempting to make any wild suggestions as to what could have caused this loss of chemistry, we can guarantee that the documentary will enlighten you on all things SHM and their breaking apart.
The Christian Larson directed feature will have advanced screenings at Amsterdam, Austin (for SXSW), London and Sydney.

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