The mastermind behind Gravitas Recordings an impressive music label out of Austin Texas, Psymbionic has released part one of his two part album “Parallels” which explores a more bass heavy side to John’s music. As it goes along you will hear elements of drum and bass, glitch hop, trap and even moombahton all fused into one seriously tasty package.

With the opening track “Continuum” featuring bars from Jay Fresh, there’s a real funky fresh sound to it that’ll have your head bobbing from the start. Jay’s rhymes compliment the growls and bass perfectly and the swing and groove here is infectious.

Next up is “Slither” a bass heavy and serious stomper of a song. Horns herald heavy bass, a catchy melody and copious amounts of 808 making this a seriously killer tune. Turn this one up and go cruising with some friends!

Following up the sinister “Slither” comes the title track “Parallels” featuring Vokab Kompany and seamlessly blends glitch hop and drum & bass into one seriously excellent tune. The rhymes provided by Vokab Kompany are substantive and very well written and once again perfectly compliment the song.

With “Facade” co produced by a Gravitas Recordings alumni ONE4ALL there’s a real futuristic and sexy feel to the track combined with some 808 kicks and snares that flips the script halfway through with a moombahton inspired rhythm.

Wrapping things up is a remix of “Slither” from VibeSquaD which takes the original song and turns it into a bass heavy and trippy jam that brings you down softly off the wild ride that precedes this remix. Overall, this first part of Psymbionic‘s “Parallels” album is everything a basshead could ask for and then some. Did I mention this fantastic release is free? Stream below and be sure to pick this up as well as consider throwing some money towards it too as Gravitas Recordings genorously provides this music for free!

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