If you’re reading this right now, you may want to make sure you have room to dance. The latest offering from Los Angeles beat pusher Great Dane is almost guaranteed to get you out of your seat.

Following his last LP Alpha Dogthe Beta Cat LP is a bass-lover’s wet dream. 808 drums resonate and roll throughout the album, driving perfectly tuned bleeps and blips and ridiculously trippy synthlines. The first half of Beta Cat is uptempo and raw, keeping things moving with dancefloor shakers like ‘Daisy’ and ‘Swinger’. The second half takes a turn for the more experimental, slowing things down and showcasing a more hip-hop inspired side of Great Dane’s production style.

This is seriously some of the most forward thinking beat production I’ve heard this year, right up there with with artists like Mr. Carmack, Flume, and Cashmere Cat. Make sure to grab this one on iTunes and support Great Dane on Soundcloud and Facebook.