Straight from the cosmos comes the ghetto electro future funk phenom known as Warp9 with two new tracks to satisfy all of your glitch hop needs. This masterful Miami producer pierces through this winter weather with some summertime heat by way of a refunked mix of Fatback‘s “Yum Yum” and an original blues hop jam entitled “Seems like a Dream.”

“Yum Yum” will be released as part of Spinforth’s Celebratory Centenary Scour #100, a bi-weekly mix that offers some of the best underground glitch, dub, and breaks available.

Check out what Scour’s Fat Harry had to say about “Yum Yum”:

Scour Records Superstar Warp9 has been producing some of the finest glitch hop out there over this past eighteen months, imagine the damage if the warpies got their hands on some proper stone cold funk and say, glitched it up all subtle and tasteful like. Oh no, you’ll never believe it, that’s only just what’s gone and happened here! The Fatback Band’s Yum Yum (Gimme Some) has been Warp9’d to within an inch of its life and is already deciding where it shall go in your set lists! Cheeky! I feel kind of sorry for Warp9, it must be like being Danny Glover in the Skittles advert where everything he touches turns to sweet, sweet candy. The price of genius. Touch the rainbow, taste the rainbow…. Yum Yum!


“Seems Like a Dream” is a mid tempo blues-hop jam that is a perfect fusion of old and new world sounds. By utilizing samples from the James “Yank” Rachel delta blues classic, by the same name, Warp9 displays an excellent talent for juxtaposing clean synthetic sounds against the grainy texture of Yank’s harmonica and vocals.

This one is out now on Funk Fusion as part of their first compilation series so, grab it off Juno today (Link Here).