“On 25 nights of Feburary, we sleep without a care in the world. But on the 26th, we remain awake to mourn a man who has left us” – Moshe Moses Isaacian, Editor In Chief of Digi1ove

Today we wanted to share something a bit different than usual. Four years ago on this date, Jun “Nujabes” Seba  was involved in a traffic accident and the world lost an inspiring DJ and producer at the age of 36. He was best known for contributing to the anime “Samurai Champloo” and for his approach that involved fusing hip-hop beats, jazz influences and unique sampling techniques to create a soulful and warmly nostalgic sound.

Nujabes has had a profound impact on many people across the world and a few writers from Your EDM including myself wanted to share some of our favorite works to celebrate his accomplishments as an artist and a fellow human being. Enjoy the music below and let us know your favorite songs of his in the comments. Rest in beats, Nujabes.

Ian’s Favorites:

luv (sic.) Pt. 3 [ ft. shing02 ]


Latitude (Remix) [Feat. Five Deez]

Lady Brown


Worlds End Rhapsody

Beat Laments The World

Letter From Yokosuka

Eclipse (feat. Substantial)


Child’s Attraction


Andrew Quigly’s Favorites:

Aruarian Dance

Counting Stars



Matthew Wolfe’s Favorites:

Summer Gypsy

Music is Mine

Battlecry ft. Shing02.

Bonus: Here is a tribute from none other than Ta-ku!