“Deep in the heart of the Dimond District in the land of oaks, out of the ashes and the bleakness comes a new sound tearing and bursting the bubble of mediocrity. The music drips of passion, boldness, and the unknown. We are the Dimond Saints.”

You’ve heard of twelly, right? No? Don’t worry, it was just invented last night by the Dimond Saints and for good reason; it’s the only word that can accurately describe their latest creation, a remix of Beyonce’s new single ‘Drunk in Love’ featuring Jay Z!

Hailing from the gangster’s paradise that is Oakland, CA, Dimond Saints combines the musical talent of Adam ‘An-ten-nae’ Ohana and Reece ‘Releece‘ Rosenfeld for some devastatingly epic bass music. These two are low-end commanders and that focus absolutely shines on this track. While most remixes of songstresses like Beyonce emphasize the vocals, Dimond Saints pump the bass and toss the vocals in the back seat. Booming 808’s flow around eastern-sounding synths and the ululating vocalizations of Beyonce, with a touch of 8-bit grime tucked in there for good measure. The acid crunk vibes An-ten-nae is known for are strong on this one, but the eastern vibes are what truly make this track Twelly (twerking + belly dancing for those who don’t know).

Dimond Saints are giving this one away as a free download, so make sure to give the track a listen and grab it below!

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Releece:  Soundcloud