For fans of Dirty South we have some good and bad news; the producer has announced the new project of Ruben Haze which will be a partnership between the producer and Rudy Sandapa. Music in the near future will come out of this camp instead of Dirty South, but that by no means indicates that the project is over, because that would be quite wrong. It’s just a new direction Dragan wants to take; a more acoustic storytelling centered route is where this next project will take everyone.

Ruben Haze is more than just music with a full character behind the name that will be featured in comic-esque illustrative animations. Each track, like the one we have today, will have visual content paired with it for a dual experience for the audience. The single we have today is a rework of “City of Dreams” in a more natural light. In the near future you can expect three tracks including a collaboration with Example on a single called “One Way Ticket.” For the start of something new, there’s already a whole lot of buzz behind it.

Source: Dancing Astronaut