It looks as though the lawsuit between Ministry of Sound and Spotify will no longer be battling it out in court. The companies decided they are going to go the (confidential) settlement route, which prohibits finding a solution for part of the problem that prompted the lawsuit in the first place. Intellectual property regarding the selecting/arranging of songs was the issue; Spotify’s user playlist’s were being created in an eerily similar fashion to MoS compilation tracklists. This obviously is an issue.

Ministry of Sound compilations, which are purchasable products, are being essentially “copied” into playlists, however the playlists that have already been made will be removed from the search service but not entirely from the system. New users will still be able to make playlists however they choose, so I am not sure exactly what the conclusion they came to was. The problem can still persist, but I guess the settlement must be worth it. The suit was filed for copyright and competition reasons, which is why I think a settlement is being executed. If it were strictly copyright, then the charge may have continued. For more information you can follow the sourced link below.

Source: Billboard