You want this free download, trust me, I’m a blogger (but in all seriousness this is dope).

Hometown friends E-V, Lorine Chia, and the legendary Machine Gun Kelly come together perfectly in this incredible debut dance single of E-V‘s. Premiered on January 15th via Rolling Stone and breaking the top 50 for dance tracks on iTunes the following day, there is no doubt that this track is huge.

A simple drum pattern intro fades into epic chords that grow with Lorine Chia‘s exciting, instructional vocals to create a perfect introduction track. It’s easy to relax and have a good time with the prevalent use of characteristically house drops, strong vocal usage, a well-placed clap loop, and a partciularly nasty MGK verse. Enjoy this anthem during the pre-game, at the show, and during the after-party; because as you’ll soon find, it is extremely catchy and difficult to grow tired of. Peep the free download here and show E-V some love on Souncloud for distributing it to us for free.