With Toernado only a few days away from releasing, TOER gives us this hour long mix of hard hitting electro and more. See tracklist below for all tracks in the mix and stay tuned for Toernado, coming out March 10th!

Listen to the mix and show TOER some love by supporting the new release through the Thunderclap campaign to help independent artists and raise Toernado awareness –> http://thndr.it/1eWP1jB


TOER Intro
TOER – Toernado
TOER – The Vizier
TOER – The Searing
Popped a Molly Mashup
TOER – Overdrive
TOER – Knight Lights
TOER – 2020
TOER – Reloaded
Bombs Away – Party Bass (TOER Remix)
TOER – Rudeboy Joe
TOER – Lambo
TOER – The Void
Popeska & Anna Yvette – As The World Falls Down (TOER Remix)
TOER – Windshield
TOER – Breathe
City 17 – Ignite It (TOER Remix VIP)
Parachute Youth – Awake Now (What So Not Remix)
Astronaut – Rain (TOER Remix)
Milk N Cookies ft. Alina Renae – Mastodon (TOER Remix)