Earlier today, Krewella released the music video for their hit single “Enjoy The Ride;” this video is surely their creepiest one to date. In the video, Krewella helps two young kids who are being held captive in an eerie steampunk-influenced carnival escape from their prison. Afterwards, Krewella invites them to come and rage the pain away with them and isn’t that what EDM is all about in the first place? The rave scene is a safe haven for those who don’t belong, a place where we’re all free from being judged by others and everyone is your best friend even if you literally just met them. However, it turns out that this rescue mission was all just a dream and sadly enough the kids are still prisoners at the end.

What message do you think Krewella is trying to get across with this cryptic video? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Krewella also launched a new contest for an all expenses paid trip to party with the Krew at The Light Nightclub in Las Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t miss out on the chance to have what could very well be the best weekend of your life!