There is absolutely no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks I would forfeit a life with my beloved Daisy if I were a famous, touring, traveling DJ. Apparently Steve Aoki feels a similar love for his pup Cocoa. I mean, look at that little face. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE PUDGY FACE. How could you not love a little nugget like that?


Unfortunately, the pup has some behavioral issues with Steve. (I mean, with a cake-throwing, party-animal father, what do you expect?) Apparently the dog is only an “okay” listener, drools a little too much for Steve’s liking, and is a wild girl off the leash.

In order to teach adorable little Cocoa some self-control, Cesar Milan, distinguished dog behaviorist from Cesar 911 came to Aoki‘s rescue. In this clip, Cesar teaches Aoki how to better train, command, and control Cocoa with some mystical-looking dog-power he seems to hold over animals. (Okay, so maybe he’s just really, really trained in dog behavior. It is still amazing how Cocoa responds to Cesar.)

Aoki then attempts to use his lessons from Cesar on Cocoa, and she responds magnificently (or the poor pup is just super camera shy and wasn’t ready for her close up).

As a thank you to Cesar, Aoki invited him to one of his shows so he can experience his music and the crowds (hey, that’s us). Who knew Cesar Milan was such a true EDM fan!?

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 9.41.39 PM

With this newfound training, hopefully Aoki can continue to bring Cocoa around on his adventures. Watch the full clip below: