All hail the power of electronic dance music. Yes, that even includes drum & bass.

I just may have to start going to church if this is how you get in touch with God. Videos were found by The Daily Dot from the Youtuber airloaf, who provides Baptazia: Super Sundays where faithful followers gather around to something that has been called by some to be the devil’s music. But hey, so was jazz, rock, rap, dubstep and everything else right? Well, today we are more specifically concerned with drum & bass hypothetically pumping through the souls of church goers.

If this electronically driven church were actually real, then we’d be viewing new age prophets like MC Sinister Minister and DJ Clipz lead crowds an in interactive liquid experience that touches each and everyone’s soul in a unique way. Music in church has always been there as a diverse tool with one facet being it’s empowering spiritual effects. I mean, really, how much different is this crowd from people at a rave? Obviously the God/religion aspect is the key difference, but take that out and it’s the life we live and breathe for: Getting together with people we love to have a good time with good music.

We all can agree these videos are quite funny and at times may seem ridiculous to some, but we can use this as a different lens to look at the power music has on people. It can change your mood, the atmosphere of a room, your opinion, and even your entire life. For many of us, this is our religion. We are the dance music generation and for those who really believe it, nobody can take that away from you. I don’t sit a computer all day typing words on a screen about music from someone a few people know (and other stuff) just because I think it’s cool or because I get paid money to do it. I do it because… Well, I feel the same invigorating feeling that the adherents of Baptazia feel. Do you?

Source: The Daily Dot