Nissan and Myspace have of late paired up and taken the country by storm in efforts to promote a new exclusive Myspace series, you can find on Myspace at #MakeMoves, where they charter the states “showcasing” urban dance music. They have hit huge cities such as: Oakland, Detroit, New York, Miami and the newest addition being Los Angeles.

The trends are set and EDM is in! Myspace is changing up their marketing campaign by targeting a very popular demographic, which we know to be us at this point! So they’re inviting you and your friends out Friday March 21st to see Cake Lover, a.k.a bad boy of EDM Borgore perform a free set! It is easy, just simply click the link listed below to RSVP for this soon to be iconic event brought to you by The Nissan Juke NISMO and Myspace!

Click here to RSVP!


-Chris Wood-