Throughout the last several years, Trance has undergone a never-ending cycle of rapid changes within its core identity and many artists have re-branded their style to gain a creative edge on the competition. Many times,  we’ve seen Trance artists exploring other genres such as Progressive House and Electro, with notable examples including W&W, Gareth Emery, Tritonal, Sander van Doorn and Ferry Corsten. However, it is quite a rare occurrence when an artist delves towards a more specialized genre rather than sticking with what’s popular and the results are often quite surprising. Beginning in the same state that Your EDM was founded, Colorado native Evan Dackerman has been quietly reshaping his Tangle alias from hard hitting, Electro-infused Trance towards a wonderfully elegant Uplifting sound. In all honesty, we are a little shocked at how fast this man has progressed with his new style and has actually gained the maturity and refinement that takes years to develop. His brand new single is called The Night, and it provides a brilliant balance between pure, heartfelt Trance and soulful, soothing Progressive Trance.



It’s always a treat to be reviewing a track on Monster Digital, for each of their tracks contains as insatiable spark that plows through dance floors with relentless power. However, this track contains a rare, emotional core that focuses its attention on  raw, harmonic inputs. Imagination runs wild as it starts off with a fantastic production value, as each individual voice bleeds  together to create a full fledged force of timbral might. A particularly striking vocal leads the charge with sonorous bell tones as it fearlessly heads towards the breakdown. Playful plucks and curious bleeps drape a touch of elegance over the phrase as a whirlwind of hidden vocal colors, sweeping pads and luscious harmonies empowers a cacophony of warm sounds to gently break down our hardened emotional shields. Tangle takes a leaf out of Will Atkinson‘s playbook and suddenly strikes with a rapidly prominent lead that wrests control of the scattered breakdown and perfectly sets it up for the upcoming drop. The tender vocals sing once more before courageous melodies cascade over a gorgeous release that effortlessly stimulates the soul with wondrous sensations of pure, emotional beauty.

Tangle‘s new single, The Night, is now available on Monster Digital via Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q