The English duo from Bristol Britain has stirred up quite the sting here stateside since their release of “Funk Blaster“. Merging both Funk and Glitch Hop components into their work Koan Sound has engraved their name in stone within Electronic music. And with their latest release at the end of last year, the “Sanctuary” Ep exposed a more gentle and delicate side of Koan Sound while maintaining the signature characteristic present in all their music that seems so effortlessly perfected.

Now all of us Koan Sound fans have a common understanding of their music; they are not ones to release a template track. Koan has such a unique sound and an incredible sense of music production that allows them to manipulate all portions of the musical genre spectrum and make it work. We’ve seen their aggressive Glitch Hop productions push them up the totem pole within the scene and we have also witnessed their more delicate side.

For me, and I can safely assume for many of you as well, it is one of the best feelings to anticipate an album from an artist that you truly admire. But what is even better than that is hearing the album and being completely blown away. Those are the exact feelings when I listened to Koan Sounds “Sanctuary” Ep and I am in the beginning phase of joy for their new Ep that will be released in April!

The Bristol Britain duo Koan Sound will be releasing another Ep just four months after an astonishing release. This Ep is titled “Dynasty” and features four original tracks that are available now to pre-order before their expected April 1st release date through OWSLA.

Dynasty” on Itunes

-Chris Wood-