In an incredibly rare occurrence, the dynamic Psy Trance duo that is Coming Soon have released their brand new 3 track EP on Spin Twist Records. However, many of you might be wondering: who exactly are they? If you have been listening to the faster styles of Trance over the past two years, you have undoubtedly heard their tracks at one point or another. In fact, their significance to Trance are so prominent that they have become a staple favorite for many currant artists. Bryan Kearney was one of their first DJ’s to spin their sounds in early 2013 and now, their productions are regularly played by Jordan Suckley, Indecent Noise, Sebastian Brandt, Eddie Bitar, James Dymond, Simon Patterson and even Aly & Fila. These two have been a key part in bringing Psy Trance towards a more mainstream audience and are highly respected by Trance’s biggest leaders. Coming Soon consists of Dui Biton and Irad Brandt, who are two separate Psy Trance producers that reside in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their brand of Psy is completely different from other artists, as their tracks focus more on scorching, in your face power than dreamy, flowing melodies. Additionally, their productions incorporate extremely unusual features such as powerful sub-bass bends, bizarre movie line samples, irregular vocal chopping and even looking into other genres, (such as Dubstep and DnB). Now, Coming Soon ignites 2014 with a kick into the teeth on their new EP that contains their brand new singles, Wait For It!, What U Mean? and Stand Up!.

Ed Note: In order to appreciate these tracks, you should use a good sound system/pair of headphones. Sub woofers are a definite MUST for each piece.



Coming Soon- Wait For It! (Original Mix)


The best part about their brand of music is that each track contains an incredible amount of differing styles. Even with these previews, there are certain parts of the piece that sound like a completely different track altogether! What’s missing from this clip is a brutal Electro Psy bassline that completely decimated the ASOT 650 Utrecht crowd when Bryan Kearney picked this track to open his set. The beginning features a gorgeous, sixteenth note melody that draws definitive cues from Deadmau5 during his Progressive years as its fast paced melody exude a subtle Oriental flair. The melody gets completely swallowed up in a black hole before a medley of liquid woodblocks emerge from the darkness. Suddenly, an outlandish sample states, “He goes from shaking booty…. to kicking ass!“, before a monstrous bassline unleashes torrents of soul crushing pressure to pulverize the listener into submission. Funky colors such as groovy bass slaps, extraterrestrial pads, crunchy vocal clips and arctic white noise add character and charm to the drop before a massive sixteenth note bassline fires off fuel injected artillery rounds with devastating consequences.



Coming Soon- What U Mean? (Original Mix)


My personal favorite out of the EP, What U Mean combines a whole slew of styles and production techniques to bring us a wildly unpredictable Psy track. It starts out with the phrase, “What you mean?“, which is sped up on an exponential scale as a fury of chaotic lasers bring everything to a halt. A change of pace occurs with rocking tribal drums and a new triplet feel, while an odd conversation takes place: “In a world where laughter was king. ‘Uh.. no ‘in a world’ yet.’ What you mean?“. Then, it instantly slams us with searingly technical basslines that can only be described as ‘Future Jungle’, as thunderous ritual drums and latex synths abundantly stab the soundscape with chunky impunity. More vocal samples are added such as ‘I don’t think so‘ and “in a land before time“, with the phrase, “okay“, adding a nice, tasty touch to the phrase. Tension filed ostinatos are slowly added in before a tsunami of poisonous sub-bass slashes through the music to place us back into a massive 4/4 section, which aptly features an eclectic collection of various percussion voices that add a sense of frantic anarchy throughout the rest of the track.



Coming Soon- Stand Up! (Original Mix)


To supply some diversity to their EP, Coming Soon ditched their trademark madness and crafted an full, melodic single entitled Stand Up!. This is the first time that they have gone the Progressive route and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Led by the gruff vocal, “Cause we have a choice to stand up now!“, they are supplemented with fantastically engineered synth timbres and an incredibly expressive lead ostinato. The resulting drop is actually quite pleasant, as a calm, serene bassline offers a fantastic clashing of chords, which beautifully offers very tantalizing sound possibilities. The balance is surgically precise and the perfect flow of the drop is some of the cleanest arrangement that I’ve heard in a good long time. It almost acts as a Progressive track with some added power and punchlines, which also adds to its delightful appeal. Various subtitles are peppered throughout the soundscape and no matter how much you listen, you won’t be able to discover all of them on the first try. While it is the calmest of the three, it is nevertheless a satisfying finish to an otherwise amazing EP and one that we can bop our heads to for hours.



All three tracks of Coming Soon‘s Wait For It EP is out now on Spin Twist Records via Beatport, so make sure you grab this awesome release today. Because of their ‘quality, not quantity’ mantra, these two rarely showcase new material, so go now and check them out!


Keep the music alive. -Q