If yesterday was Moombahton Monday, then today would most certainly have to be Trap Tuesday. In celebration of this fictitious weekly holiday of sorts, we offer up a forty-five minute mix from Goon Bags as a Your EDM premiere. The second installment of Tour De Franzia is made up of thirty-eight songs with some unreleased music from Goon Bags and Spenda C. Hints of deep/future house and twerk get involved in the mix, but there is nothing wrong with a little diversity to spice things up.

You may recognize Goon Bags from one of our previous posts about the collaboration with Vonzie on “From The Back,” which can be found in this mix. Whether you look into the past, or into the future, GB’s light is shining bright. Slick records and mixes that are straight fire is all you can expect from Goon Bags; just have a listen and tell me I am wrong. You can also download the mix for free via the Soundcloud player.