Life In Color is not playing around. Despite the playful good times you will have in the world’s premiere paint party, it is backed by some serious moves that are bringing the Life In Color events to people all across the globe. Whether it’s with a new anthem with Adventure Club, David Solano & Zak Waters, or their insane tour schedule, the event is making waves that everybody, including non-ravers, are noticing. With shows coming up like Santiago (Chile), Sacramento, Fresno and Albany, you’ll want to get tickets as soon as possible, but before you do that we have some things that may entice you even more.

“Unleash” is the official anthem of LIfe In Color brought to us by the three acts previously mentioned above. The progressive house single will be released April 2nd via Spinnin Records. It is literally the perfect anthem for the traveling party that manages to shake things up in every town it visits. To get a taste of the freeing mayhem, there is also a trailer that has been released to allow people to see just what kind of mess they will be getting themselves into. It’s a good kind of mess though!

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