If you’ve never heard of Santa Cruz, California’s own G Jones, then I’m here to save your Thursday. G Jones, the bass-blasting alter ego of Greg Jones, is one of the most prominent up and comers in the future bass scene. If you love that 808 bump and grind (with a dash of trippy weirdness) as much as I do, then you’ll absolutely love what Greg brings to the table.

Nothing makes that fact more evident than the latest upload to his soundcloud: a 30-minute, all original set teeming with unreleased originals and collaborations with Minnesota, Doshy, Mad Zach, and Bleep Bloop. From start to finish, G Jones is on FIRE. From the ghetto-bass anthem “When I’m On the Block” to the absolute insanity that is “Thunderdome”, the track selection is on point and the production is beyond top notch.

Greg is giving away this mix as a free download via his Facebook page, so give it a listen below and make sure to keep your eyes and ears on this forward thinking beat pusher!