The Bacon Queen, Dani Deahl has always stayed true to herself and the art of music, dance music specifically. Her ardor, no-bullshit attitude and honest respect has landed her where she is today with over 25,000 Facebook fans, a successful music blog, an interview mix series, Winter Music Conference requests and a lengthy list of productions that has just been added to quite literally right now. Along with the Your EDM premiere of her bootleg of tyDi‘s “Live This Lie,” we have an interview with the Chicago native where we talk about her upcoming endeavors as well as where she started out in the scene.

Dani has a real sense for GOOD house music. That’s why it’s no surprise the productions she pumps out have a gripping rave vibe that seems to come organically and without restraint. The prevalence of this intuition is very well depicted by the bootleg we have for you now. It’s a heater that will induce an overwhelming need to dance in anyone who hears it. The spastic synths are like a shot of caffeine straight to the bloodstream, seriously.

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The chat I had with Dani regarding her music, the Winter Music Conference, her International Dance Music Award affiliation and of course, bacon, can be viewed below. She continues to offer the scene her unconditional, and at times tough, love to help it advance to a place where it’s sustainable in the eyes of all. Even if nobody was watching she would be exercising the passion that drives her forward throughout each and everyday. That’s something warrants only respect and admiration. Dive right into the interview to get more details on one of the most influential ladies in dance music, Dani Deahl.

Your EDM Interview:

1. When did you first get into electronic music? Producing/Djing?

DD: I got into dance music in high school, when I had almost no friends and was a major dork who got stood up at dances. I recently wrote about how the discovery of raves and dance culture helped save me emotionally and gave me a sense of who I was and what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I got into both around the same time, starting DJing with shitty belt drive turntables and producing with Fruity Loops and an MPC. I kind of love that I started DJing from that, because it means I can play with any interface from USB to CD to Serato to vinyl – and they’re all fun.

2. Can you tell us anything about the panel you will be speaking on at WMC?

DD: It’s called “To Blog Or Not To Blog” and also features people from Do Androids Dance, LessThan3, ClubPlanet and other outlets. We’ll be talking about the role that blogs play in media presence and artist development – it’s of course a topic close to my heart as someone who’s an artist that also wrote in traditional media (as an editor for URB Magazine) and moved to hosting my own Hype Machine blog. It’s on March 28th, 12pm in room A-208 so come visit us if you’re going to WMC and have a badge!!

3. You’re also presenting at the IDMAs, do you know which award you will be presenting? Do you have any predictions for awards?

DD: I wish I knew!! I’d be so excited to present for “Best Electro / Progressive House Track” or “Best Global DJ” but I’m honored to even be a part of it, no matter what category I present for. I’m not even going to make any predictions because I feel like it jinxes things; I just don’t want to trip on my dress at the awards like Jennifer Lawrence. Or maybe I do, if I can pull it off and look just as heartwarmingly goofy.

4. Do you have any upcoming songs/projects coming out soon?

DD: I recently had official remixes come out for Klaypex and Stiletto and have my second collab project with Animale coming out next month with Cr2 records. It’s called “Replay” and features legendary Chicago artist and vocalist Alex Peace.

5. I saw you bought a new studio space, what does that mean to you in terms of productivity/having a space specifically for music?

DD: It’s always helped me to have a space separate from home, that’s used just as a creative arena. It puts you in a particular mindset before you even step in the door. I love the new space – it’s so different from our last studio that was a small, dark room. This is big, open, tons of light, a quarter pipe…it’s basically a playpen. I feel an obligation to learn how to skateboard now.

6. When I finally make it out to Chicago how many pounds of bacon are we going to eat?

DD: We’ll go on a bacon tour, starting with 694 wine bar where we’ll order Benton bacon with a side of tuffled honey, and end at Burke’s bacon bar with some caramel bacon popcorn and a bacon burger. Bonus if you come in April because then maybe we can go to Bacon-fest together. There’s no such thing as too much bacon. Why even count in pounds, just enjoy the bacon ride.