The Chilean natives Bacondo, made up by J-1 and Man-K, are attempting to take the moombahton scene by force. Their mix of Andean music with our beloved 110 accomplice moombah, and dancehall make for some boisterous tunes that have already received praise from Mad Decent. When EP comes to mind you think a few tracks, but this self-titled one is packing seven full songs and an introduction. All of the productions except for two have collaborators with the list (in numerical order) being listed:

Fucha Kid
Clinton Sky
Loki Da Trixta
Fucha Kid
Chong X Loki Da Trixta

One other style that permeates the EP is big room, but think of the genre before “Animals” came into play. Add that with the bpms in the 110 range occasionally and you have yourself a hell of an equation. The ubiquitous use of vocals increases the dimensions tenfold and contribute extensively to the Latin vibes; the swayful dembow beat helps as well. The sounds of each of the contributors with the duo’s make for awesome songs, but when the guys kicked back themselves with “Todos Juntos,” the game was over. I was very impressed with project and I am ecstatic to hear more from these two. International game, look out!

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