It has been almost ten months since Bro Safari and UFO! unleashed the incredibly bass heavy Animal LP and it turns out that this was only half of the life contained in the beast. A few days ago the boys released the Animal Remixes Album, which features a slew of bass music’s most talented producers. The album starts with a wild “Drama” remix by Party Favor, which took first place at Bro Safari and ThisSongIsSick‘s remix competition, and is backed up by huge tracks that range from trap to dubstep to progressive house to drum & bass. The album then concludes with a special remix by Bro Safari‘s long lost D&B collaboration project, Evol Intent.

You can grab the Animal Remixes LP for free here (Link) and stream the tracks below. Make sure to let us know which is your favorite.

Party Favor‘s Drama Remix. Follow: Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Milo & OtisThe Dealer Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Jay Fay‘s Sputnik Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Brillz‘s Animal Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Valentino Khan‘s Bird Brain Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Gent & Jawns‘ Burn The Block Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Deco‘s No Time To Sleep Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

ETC!ETC feat Far East Movement‘s Tracers Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Big Wild‘s Zombies Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

MUST DIE! feat Anna Yvette‘s Chimbre Remix. Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Jesse Slayter‘s Zombie Remix (Bonus Track). Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter

Evol Intent‘s The Dealer Remix (Bonus Track). Follow:  Soundcloud  | Facebook  | Twitter