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The sound of dance music for 2014 has not been shaped yet, but many producers on the field are trying to find something new to give to their fans.

A-Trak‘s plans for 2014 are looking great, with his Duck Sauce album on the way (under the name Quack). Also, projects with Lex Luger, Cam’ron, and a couple festival dates will keep the owner of Fools Gold busy till the end. A-Trak predicts some groovy and funky music, as the developing sound of 2014.

With great success in the past 12 months, Ryan Hemsworth is bringing his Guilt Trips album and the Still Awake EP to the spotlight. For 2014, he wants music to focus less on ‘The Drop,’ and more on the distinction of sound.

From the German side, Zedd has been working hard on some new material. His predictions indicate that music will get away from the traditional formula, and go back to the roots. Sounding more musical, Zedd feels that organic sounds will see a rise in electronic music.

All three of them spoke to GQ for the biggest music trends in 2014.

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