Always had a burning desire to work in the music industry but have absolutely zero clue where to begin? You’re not alone; luckily, Intern Sushi and Interscope Records are offering a new internship opportunity to benefit music-career hopefuls just like you.

Intern Sushi, a website that allows young professionals to challenge the ordinary paper resume by creatively showcasing their talent to potential employers, has announced its partnership with Interscope Records to offer ambitious career hopefuls the chance to intern for a day with two stars featured on the Divergent soundtrack, Zedd and Pia Mia.

The objective of the internship, true to the message of the highly anticipated film Divergent, is to “face your fears”, to allow younger generations gain the necessary confidence to realize that their dreams are not out of their reach and to continue to pursue their passions.

Film industry executive/producer Shara Senderoff, who co-founded Intern Sushi with motion picture & television producer Mark Gordon and digital media entrepreneur Richard Gelb, remains innovative with her approach to this endeavor in order to benefit determined millennials.

“As the job market continues to evolve, opportunities need to change with it and this partnership with Interscope is a great example of what companies need to be offering young professionals. Intern Sushi aims to continue giving individuals once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities like these internships with Zedd and Pia Mia, and having Interscope on board helps to accomplish that in an even bigger way.”

Both Interscope Records and Intern Sushi strive to benefit younger generations by helping them become confident in pursuing their passions that they may otherwise think were out of their reach. This internship directly reflects their commitment by offering a unique opportunity for those hoping to become more involved in the music industry.

Head of Digital at Interscope Records, Brooke Michael, stresses the significance of reaching out to these younger generations.

“Working in a quickly evolving landscape, I’m acutely aware of the importance of finding and retaining young talent.Aligning with a company like Intern Sushi demonstrates our commitment to encouraging and discovering bright young professionals. We hope this opportunity shows aspiring executives that there are many ways to get noticed!”

Aspiring music professionals can apply to this day long internship with Zedd and Pia Mia by creating a profile via Intern Sushi that displays their passion and drive for working in the music industry as well as visually presenting their professional story. All applications are due by May 31, 2014 and will be announced June 15 on the Intern Sushi website. The internship itself will take place fall 2014.

The internship will not only provide selected applicants with a mentorship and engaging atmosphere with top industry talent, but it will allow those hoping to establish themselves in the music industry with the chance to develop networking skills and confidence, which is crucial for emerging talent hoping to break into the EDM industry.

If you’re determined, passionate, driven, and interested in applying for this chance in a lifetime opportunity, check out Intern Sushi and get started on your profile.