Tiesto has been a mentor to many up-and-coming individuals throughout his career, but now he’s stepping it up. In 2014, Tiesto is partnering with 7UP to mentor six “Bubbling UP DJs,” some of which, have already gotten praise from Tiesto in the past. The DJs are Danny Avila, MOTi, Moska, Kaaze, The Disco Fries, and Dzeko & Torres.

Throughout 2014, 7UP will be keeping up with the DJs through their Tumblr account, which will both keep you updated with their progress, as well as give you access to some of the biggest events in the scene.

“I love producing In The Booth and there will be plenty of surprises this season,“ said Tiësto. “Not only will my fans see me as an artist, producer, and DJ, but also as a mentor. I love working with other DJs, and now I’m bringing them in to be a big part of my show.”

[H/T: DAD]