We’re no strangers to Resistance here at YourEDM; having smashed their debut release on Never Say Die with ‘The Beginning’ EP, they now bring their new single ‘Heartbeat’ to sister label No Tomorrow. With the adrenalin-fuelled ‘Scanners’ on the flip, they are to be be released on 14th and 21st April respectively. The pair of tracks live up to the exhilarating level of production heard on their previous release and the addition of Mila Falls’ sublime vocals on the distinctive ‘Heartbeat’ push the single to another level. ‘Scanners’ has already been heard causing demolition on dance floors since it was picked up by label boss SKisM and captures their gnarly, driven Electro sound perfectly. We spoke to Resistance to get their thoughts on the release and their future plans.

We were first introduced to you guys last year when you featured on the Never Say Die 50th compilation mix. How did you end up working with them and now their sister label No Tomorrow Recordings?

We have known Tommy (SKisM) for a while from working in the scene and gigging under our other aliases. We get on and share similar views on what we think is good so when we started Resistance, we fired some initial tester tunes over to him for feedback. He immediately came back interested in potentially working together and gave us some good constructive criticism (which was good as it’s often hard to find an A&R man who can actually offer usable advice…they normally just say things like “it needs to drop” or “it needs more knocky sounds”). We wrote a first batch of beats, met the label team and then got to work refining those beats and deciding what our debut would be.

You have managed to keep your identity a secret, is there any reason behind this?

We want it to be about the music, not who we are or what we’ve done before. Who we are is not important!

‘Heartbeat’ features beautiful vocals from Mila Falls. How did you hook up with her? Was it fun working in the studio together?

Mila’s a friend of a friend. We knew she had a great voice and we’d talked about writing something previously but never got round to it. The beat we made that became ‘Heartbeat’ needed a killer hook to complete it so I fired it over to her to see if she had any idea. She nailed the vocal in an evening at her studio and that was that…no messing about! Once we had the new vocal though we felt that the tune didn’t quite drop as hard as we wanted, as the riff wasn’t right. A couple of sessions later and we’d re-written the bass riff and added some backing vocals Mila sent over. ‘Heartbeat’ was born!

A week after ‘Heartbeat’ you are releasing ‘Scanners’, why did you decide to split up the release?

We wanted to put the focus on each tune separately and the digital domain we work in allows us to do that. We master everything ourselves and haven’t got to wait for vinyl to be manufactured, so we can effectively release what we want when we want!

It wasn’t that long ago that you released ‘The Beginning’ EP on Never Say Die, how long did it take you to write the two tracks? 

We actually wrote ‘Scanners’ before we wrote anything on The Beginning EP, the release schedule just worked out that the EP was released first though. It’s hard to say how long each took to make as we’re always working on something. Probably a couple of weeks per tune I reckon.

You have had a solid set of releases so far, what is next for the mysterious duo?

We’re working on more new material as well as collaborations with CRUSH and Bar9. The response so far to the tunes has been great and we’ll continue to step up our production and hopefully build on the fanbase we’ve built so far.

Finally, although your identity remains a secret we would love for you to share your top 3 tracks at the moment!

Far Too Loud – Doomsday Machine  – Still smashes it every time.

Let’s Be Friends – Only Time – Production on this is ill.

Resistance – Heartbeat ft. Mila Falls – Because we made it and it seems to always go off in the clurrrrrb (as 50 would say).

Thanks for your time guys! Be sure to listen to the previews here