Good music for a good cause is like chocolate and peanut butter, it can’t go wrong. So is the case for Walu International, a charity who’s focus lies in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities. Their aim for better hygiene and sanitation can change the lives of individuals for the better, and even go as far as saving lives. Cleanliness must have jumped the Walu ship and implemented itself into the collaborative remix we have for you today, because this one is as fresh as can be.

Goshfather, Jinco and Dr. Fresch are the acts who came together to bring The Cardigans “Lovefool” back to life in a memorable way. The future trap single is ever so chill; it will comfortably lend itself to your ears for a soothing experience. It is downloadable for free to promote Walu and their efforts. Once again the power of music is helping out issues that plague society. Maybe after you are done sitting at your expensive computer in your safe home you can muster up some energy to lend your hand to this, or another charity!

Free Download